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Fox Blitza is the anchor of The Fucking News, a daily news program that combines traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources.

Fox has won numerous "awards", including the 2004 Strawberry Shortcake Award, and the 2003 Dirty Sanchez.

In August 2002, the Endowed American Awards honored him with the prestigious Hot Breath Journalism Award for fucking excellence in reporting, and, in March 2000, he received the Anti-Defecation League's Number 2 Freedom Prize. In 1999, Blitza won the Cleveland Steamer's Sophisticated Award for outstanding contributions to online journalism. Blitza was also a member of The Fucking News team that was awarded an STFU Golden Shower award for their 1991 Milf War reporting. In 1994, Boston Steamroller cited him as the overwhelming choice of readers for the coveted Morning Glory Award for "best shit of news."

In 2006, Fox traveled to Worcester, to receive the coveted Dutch Oven. Blitza was the only American news anchor to cover the story on the ground in Central Massachusetts. In 2005, Blitza traveled to the Middle West to report on the second anniversary of the clusterfuck in Iraq. During this trip, Fox conducted an exclusive interview with Gen. Rusty Trombone, and spent several days having hot lunch with folks.

Blitza also anchors other major news events, including "Big Fucking Decision 08", the network's coverage of the presidential race. Throughout "Big Fucking Decision 04," Fox anchored events including the Cincinnati Bowtie, the Boston Pancake, and the third "inauguration" of President George W. Bush.

From the beginning of his career, Blitza has covered many key events that have shaped the international political landscape.

Fox is the author of two books, Cherry Cream Pie: A Reporter's Notebook (KFC University Press, 1997) and Angry Dragon Angry Pirate (Blumpkin, 2005).

Blitza learned B.S. from the College University of Springfield and a Master of B.S. in linguistics from the University School of Advanced Entertainment Management in Troy N.Y. Fox also has honorary degrees from F.U., The Old School, and Aristocrat Academy.